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    ROAR Inc

    resilience. optimism. aLTRUISM. respect.

    a fitness and mindset program empowering our young people

    Acts of Kindness


    “The ROAR Program has helped me see that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.  And by surrounding myself with positive people my life will be more happy and you can’t let what other people say put you down.”

    Mason Kata, Athlete

    there is A LION inside of you. IT'S TIME TO Let it roar.

    our mission

    To help humanity thrive by empowering our young people
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    the program

    ROAR Inc teaches young people to enjoy physical exercise and to develop a mindset so powerful that they know they can overcome any obstacle. The ROAR Program can be simplified into three components: teaching the athlete mindset, physical challenges, and acts of service or kindness.

    athlete mindset


    acts of

    Mindset training is usually reserved for elite athletes to help them achieve their best performances, to deal with adversity, and to thrive both on and off the track. These psychological tools are beneficial in enhancing any peak performance in a young person's life, such as public-speaking, taking an exam, or nailing a job interview. The mindset principles are:

    • Attitude (Optimism and Positivity)

    • Dealing Effectively with Emotions (Resilience)
    • Focus and Concentration

    • Sportsmanship (Humility and Integrity)

    • Goal Setting
    • People Skills

    • Self-Talk

    • Visualisation

    Participants earn wrist bands upon completion of goals, which act as a tangible reminder of their effort and success, and milestone rewards can also be earned. The physical goals have been chosen carefully as they can be achieved by most young people in an 8-week period and do not require any special athletic talent, but do require commitment and focus. The athletes are given diaries to track their progress towards their goals, and they are only permitted to record one act of kindness per day, encouraging daily habits of journal-writing and self-reflection.

    Correlations between exercise and improved mental health have been researched and proven, as have the links between high self-esteem, a sense of community, and mental wellbeing. This unique program targets all of these areas and underpins its outstanding success.


    ROAR the movie

    Many thanks to Mike Paget from Red Gecko films for another beautiful snapshot of ROAR


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    "I have a boy who is empowered to live a much happier and fulfilled life by a project that is designed simply for kids to realise their dreams and have the confidence to grow and be happy.
    Amy Klein, Niko's Mum
    “ROAR is like no other athletics training I have ever done.  Each training benefits me physically and mentally such as creating confidence to reaching my running goals, has given me a community to belong to, and provided a stress relief that I thoroughly enjoy and improves my mental health.”
    Emily Anderson, Athlete
    “The ROAR Program has made me mentally braver and stronger.  Helped me find my ME group.”
    Emily Baker, Athlete
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